NJN’s Final Farewell

NJN News looks back at 40-years of covering the Garden State in a retrospective report as the newscast bids farewell to New Jersey. Read more of this post

Senate & Assembly Vote on Budget

By Jerry Henry

Before the Senate passed the budget bill there was spirited debate over whether the numbers were real.  Read more of this post

NJ Public Broadcasting Authority Board Approves Transfer of NJN to WNET

By Michael Aron

Following the Senate’s tacit approval of the transfer of NJN to New York-based WNET, the five-member New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority met today to sanctify the transfer.  Read more of this post

Governor Signs Pension Reform Bill

By Michael Aron

New Jersey is once again a model for the nation, Governor Christie said as he signed perhaps the most far-reaching bill of his term to date.  Read more of this post

Union Reaction to Pension Reform Bill

By Desiree Taylor

Morale has been low since unions suffered a crushing defeat in their attempt to stop pension and benefits changes.  Read more of this post

Senate Approves NJN’s Transfer to WNET

By Michael Aron & Jerry Henry

The Senate defeated a resolution that would have rejected the transfer of NJN’s operations over to New York-based WNET with a vote of 20 to 19.  Read more of this post

Assembly Budget Committee Holds Hearing On Democrats’ Budget Proposal

By Briana Vannozzi

The Assembly Budget Committee got off to a late start as last minute modifications to several consent bills were still being ironed out.  Read more of this post

Democrats Present Their Budget Proposal

By Kate Megargee 

Senate President Steve Sweeney says the Democrats’ budget proposal challenges his colleagues to step up and have a voice. Read more of this post

Unions Rally in Protest of Pension & Benefits Reform

By Kate Megargee

On a hot and humid day, tempers were boiling as over 8,000 public employees rallied outside the state capitolIt.  Read more of this post

Senate Budget Committee Hearing on NJN’s Transfer to WNET

By Michael Aron

The Senate is expected to bring up a resolution on Monday to veto Governor Christie’s plan to transfer the operation of NJN over to New York-based WNET.  Read more of this post