Senate & Assembly Vote on Budget

By Jerry Henry

Before the Senate passed the budget bill there was spirited debate over whether the numbers were real.  Read more of this post

Charter School Advocates Disapprove of School Reform Legislation

By Kate Megargee

 Advocates contend the state’s 15-year-old charter school law needs some changes, but the proposed Assembly-sponsored reforms undermine charter school growth.  Read more of this post

Assembly Votes to Veto Plan for NJN

By Michael Aron

The Assembly voted to approve the veto of Governor Christie’s plan to transfer the operation of NJN over to New York-based WNET.  Read more of this post

Assembly Passes Pension and Benefits Reform Bill

By Michael Aron

After a 2.5 hour debate, the vote to pass the pension and reform bill that pitted organized labor and some Democrats against Governor Christie was passed with 46 in favor and 32 against.  Read more of this post

Pension & Health Benefits Reform Fallout

By Jerry Henry

Senate President Sweeney says he is going ahead with a public worker health benefits overhaul with or without his Democratic counterpart in the Assembly.  Read more of this post

Assembly Budget Panel Examines Health & Senior Services Budget Plans

By Jerry Henry

When asked to give a snap shot of the state ofNew Jersey’s 72 hospitals Acting Health and Senior Services Commissioner Mary O’Dowd gave numbers that some lawmakers found alarming.  Read more of this post

Former Congressman John Adler Remembered

By Jim Hooker

John Adler was remembered at the state house today with poignant remarks from a longtime South Jersey colleague in the legislature, Assembly Budget Chairman Lou Greenwald Read more of this post