NJ Public Broadcasting Authority Board Approves Transfer of NJN to WNET

By Michael Aron

Following the Senate’s tacit approval of the transfer of NJN to New York-based WNET, the five-member New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority met today to sanctify the transfer.  Read more of this post


Proposals on NJN’s Takeover Released

By Jim Hooker

The state Treasurer has delivered to the NJ legislature the Christie administration’s 2,300-page report on a deal to hand over the operations of New Jersey Network to New York-based channel 13.  Read more of this post

Assembly Budget Committee Convenes Hearing on Future of NJN

By Michael Aron

Legislators of both parties expressed concern at the hearing about the future of news and public affairs at Public Media, NJ, the new entity WNET is creating to take over NJN. Read more of this post

WNET to Takeover the Operation of NJN

By Michael Aron

Governor Christie announced the plan for NJN is to turn the operation over to channel 13 in New York.  Read more of this post