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Reporters Roundtable With Michael Aron provides viewers with an in-depth examination of the issues reported on the front pages of the state’s leading newspapers by the journalists who report the news. Reporters from the state’s leading newspapers discuss New Jersey politics, policy and news and offer insight beyond what is printed in the newspaper. The program premiered in 1989 as part of the network’s election coverage efforts.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Host: Michael Aron
The pension and benefits reform bill, New Jersey Democrats’ alternative to the state budget, and speculations on the future of NJN.

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11 Responses to Reporters Roundtable

  1. Michael MacDermott says:

    After watching Reporters Roundtable for several years, I’ve concluded that this has devolved into a propoganda organ for Governor Christie, Wall Street, and big business, whose interests are now wholly indistiguishable. This week’s dismissive attitude by Mr. Aron and his “reporters” towards the large and growing protests in Trenton and across the country, exacerbated by the equality of coverage afforded the phony tea party protest (there more morel ike 24 people attending Steve Lonegan’s tea party protest, not the 300 Mr. Aron stated) bares the anti-labor propoganda slant of the program, concealing a realistic discussion of cause of budget problems.

    It is little wonder why newspapers and programs such as Reporters Roundtable, neither of which had a substantive following or political heft, have abandoned relevancy, and are now wholly dismissed by independent thinkiers in New Jersey, especially the now awakening middle and working classes. Your continued discussions of superficialities while ignoring growing welfare for the mega-corporations and the rich reveals your discussion group for what it is, a phony forum.


    • brian dinicola says:

      I disagree – this is actually the only program that has perspectives from both sides, in my opinion And it is the only one I watch on NJN.

  2. Astraea says:

    I love the show & Michael Aron’s years of wisdom, but the 20-something (or maybe 30-something) reporters not so much. If they haven’t been around long enough to remember politicians & political events with which the average viewer is familiar, and aren’t well read enough to fill in the gaps, then they really don’t make for much of a stimulating discussion.

  3. Bob says:

    I agree with both Brian anf Astraea.. I enjoy watching the show and finding out what is going on within the state. I have never “felt” that the conversation was being “pushed” to one side or the other.

  4. David Weiner says:

    Mayor Hawkins supports Civil Service opt out. This from a guy whose bio states “In the private sector, Eldridge Hawkins was named Vector Marketing’s “Number One Salesman” and ”Number One Assistant Manager”.

    Some of Vector Marketing’s former independent contractors have accused Vector Marketing of unsavory business practices. Vector frequently advertises in newspapers and on fliers posted on bulletin boards at college campuses, but seldom do those advertisements explain the nature of the job.

    Vector was sued in 1990 by the Arizona Attorney General and in 1999 by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. In 1994, the state of Wisconsin ordered Vector to stop providing dishonest information to recruits.

    In 1996, The Washington Post reported that of “940 Vector recruits surveyed, nearly half either earned no money or actually lost money through working with the company.” The company’s alleged unethical actions created an activist group called Students Against Vector Exploitation (SAVE)

    In 2008, Alicia Harris filed a federal class action lawsuit against Vector. Harris alleged that Vector violated California and federal labor law by failing to pay adequate wages and illegally coerced employees into patronizing the company. The case, Harris v. Vector Marketing Corporation, is pending before Judge Edward M. Chen.

  5. W. Mack says:

    I watched your reporters roundtable and you discussed the booing of the governor and the Lt. governor at the Seton Hall and William Paterson graduation events. I was appalled to see that no reporter understood the real meaning of the booing. Recent grads with teaching majors are not able to find jobs!!! The students are seeing first hand the pain that is being caused to the young people of New Jersey by the Christie administrations budget cuts.Congrats to the students who had the guts to tell the Gov and his administration how they feel. The governor probably will go back and hide behind his pre-scripted town hall meeting. Michael Aron, shame on you for poor reporting.

  6. P. DeFelice says:

    I have always found reporters round table to be fare and honest, even though it has a Democratic slant. Any bias that is presented is that of the reporters and not Mr. Aron, who does a good job of keeping the discussions focused. I also feel that the topic chosen are important and very relevant to every New Jersey citizen, and shows the importance of supporting NJN and it’s corporate sponsors who make this program possible.

  7. Eugene DeGeorge says:

    I have been a faithful fan of RR since its inception. Michael does a great job of trying to keep the discussion fair so that all points are discussed. i hope that the “new” owners will keep it on. if not; they are making a serious mistake.

  8. Adrian DeVore says:

    I am not going to miss RR because it is unwatchable. There was no racial diversity among the reporters (who were all white) which further compounds their lack of awareness of current issues were equally appalling. Michael Aron tries to keep conversation going but (via body language) appears to be very disengaged. Hopefully, with the new owners, there can be find more reporters of color who can offer a broader perspective to New Jersey issues.

  9. j. boakes says:


  10. Jim says:

    NJN and particularly Reporters Roundtable has been an effective and unbiased voice for the citizens of NJ for over 20 years. I have learned to respect the reporters, their opinions and their special insights over the years. While not always agreeing, it was good to have an alternative to the advertsed media blitz that we are bombarded with from FOX, CNN and the like. I applaud and thank Michael Aron and the entire NJN news staff! You will be missed by everyone! Jim Burke

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