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On The Record is a one-on-one with New Jersey newsmakers and lawmakers in Trenton & Washington. The program is hosted by NJN News Senior Political Correspondent Michael Aron. Executive Producer is Ed Rodgers.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Host: Michael Aron
Highlights from the New Jersey Senate and Assembly debates, the debate and vote on the pension and benefits reform bill, and an NJN farewell.

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6 Responses to On The Record

  1. gunjan shah says:

    I am confused with governor christie tax break to rich citing rich people will simply go out of state per me monies via tax break will go out of state and out of country and they will go anyway. They will invst monies towards production services and buy estate out of country now state is broke rich people left and no job is created

    • brian says:

      I am not rich, having only 1.5 million in assets at middle age. But, with the ability to work from home I have already purchased a small farm in Tennessee where my wife and I will consider our new domicile. We consider NJ to be well past the tipping point and don’t believe Christie can pull off the reforms he is trying to bring to NJ – there are just too many lined up to “soak the rich”.

      I have to think only those who lack the option to leave will stay as the cost of doing the latter “progresses” up the hockey stick curve. As long as their are states to go to which do not govern by class warfare and envy, NJ will be at risk.

  2. jay lassiter says:

    I was wrong about “the entire Essex” delegation voting w/ Christie’s budget last year. Turns out, it was more like half.

    Apologies to the show and to Codey, Jacey, McKeon, Rice, Caputo, Tucker and Spencer, whose votes were misrepresented by my error.

    I have a new-found admiration for folks who make live TV look so effortless.

  3. Why can policymaker break the law, look-up to see if there is a voter name Jim Whelan in Atlantic City, NJ if not tell me how can this be and why the state won’t pull him from the ballot-NJSA 19:3-7, got to have a voter card or be able to vote in that name.How is it that can’t get a policymaker to come to the aid of the law, reply save_achildinc@yahoo.com

    • Still today no one has replied or will give a case law or docket number, statue that will support, why the Senator James Whelan should stay on the ballot when he didn’t file his papers correctly. NJSA 19:3-7 states and deals with nick names and AKA the law is clear you have to have a voter card in that name.

  4. SJScrambler says:

    PLEASE SAVE NJN NEWS & Programming for ALL New Jersey residents. I’ll lay it out for you if you are not sure just how much it will costs us to keep NJN alive. Costs estimates are 10 million out of a 29 billion dollar budget. In layman’s terms. If you had $29,000, it would costs you TEN bucks to keep NJN on the air in the exact, wonderful, non-partial form it is now for one year. That’s $0.85 per month! Look, even for a six month reprieve, can’t you spare five bucks? I cannot imagine heading into this Fall’s NJ elections without the reporting, info and analysis of NJN. Call the GOV and tell him so!

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