Casino Workers at Higher Risk for Chronic Conditions

By Sara Lee Kessler

Many casino workers have serious medical conditions, sometimes, more than one.  Read more of this post

St. Michael’s Medical Center offers Rapid Breast Biopsies

By Sara Lee Kessler

At St. Michael’s Medical Center, in Newark, a woman who’s undergone a breast biopsy can expect to get the results within 24 hours.  Read more of this post

AIDS Turns 30

Sara Lee Kessler

It’s been 30 years since the Center for Disease Control identified a deadly infectious disease known as acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS. Read more of this post

Alzheimer’s Snooze Room Making a Difference

By Sara Lee Kessler

Catherine Lennon, a 90-year-old former nun and retired nurse, has a favorite time of day at St. Vincent’s Nursing Home in Cedar Grove.  Read more of this post

Making a Splash in Newark

By Sara Lee Kessler

Derek Bowman, a City ofNewark lifeguard, is teaching kids how to swim.  Read more of this post

Esophageal Cancer No Longer Considered Rare

By Sara Lee Kessler

 Esophageal cancer now kills 14,000 Americans a year.  Read more of this post

Jersey City Medical Center Launches Lactation Program

By Sara Lee Kessler

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies feed exclusively on breast milk for the first year of life.  A CDC study released last year found that at six-months, just 43-percent of moms were nursing.  At a year, the number dropped to 22-percent.  At Jersey City Medical Center the numbers are even lower.  So the hospital has launched a program designed to encourage new mothers to breast feed. Read more of this post