Casino Workers at Higher Risk for Chronic Conditions

By Sara Lee Kessler

Many casino workers have serious medical conditions, sometimes, more than one.  According to Brenda Douglass, Atlanticare nurse practitioner, a lot of her patients are exposed to second-hand smoke in their occupations, which puts them at higher risk for chronic conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tobacco dependency and COPD.

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One Response to Casino Workers at Higher Risk for Chronic Conditions

  1. mike tomich says:

    Re: Decoding Autism

    Dear Sara Lee Kessler:

    Our groups of engineers and physicians have been conducting our own private study on autism as observed through the combined disciplines of physical engineering (mechanical) and biological (medicine).

    After viewing your “Decoding Autism” special you have helped us enforce our results that autism is a physically induced defect and maybe not just from chemical causes. I thank you so very much for your report because, though we kept ourselves away from the complexity of the specialized study fields, we did discover through your report where the focused research is being conducted. Their research has not been focused on our path of study.

    I’m preparing a letter to send to different people in your report and addition research facilities that are starting to conduct special research. If you wish to send me your email, I will send you a copy of the letter. If you chose not to, I will send a hard copy through the USPS to your station.

    Yours truly… Mike Tomich

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