Esophageal Cancer No Longer Considered Rare

By Sara Lee Kessler

 Esophageal cancer now kills 14,000 Americans a year.  Read more of this post

Breast Cancer in Men

By Sara Lee Kessler

 It is a common misconception that men don’t get breast cancer.  Nearly one-percent of the over 200,000 breast cancer cases diagnosed each year Read more of this post

Teen Cancer Awareness

By Sara Lee Kessler

 New Jersey has become the first state in the nation to designate a week to teen cancer awareness.  The movement was spearheaded by Gisele DiNatale, Read more of this post

Cancer Blood Test Developed

By Sara Lee Kessler

 The future of cancer care may be a simple blood test.  Scientists at Mass General Hospital, in Boston, say they have developed a revoluationary way to Read more of this post

Environmental Clean-up Project Gets the Green Light

By Ed Rodgers
The NJ Department of Environmental Protection and Jersey City officials have secured a commitment to excavate and remove more than 700 thousand tons of chromium waste and contaminated soil from the PPG Industries site in Jersey City.  Read more of this post

NJ College Bans Smoking

By Sara Lee Kessler
Brookdale Community College in Monmouth County is clamping down on smoking on campus.  Read more of this post

Breast Cancer Risk Increases with Age

By Sara Lee Kessler
The risk of breast cancer increases with age.  Read more of this post

Controversial Test Still a Good Way to Screen for Prostate Cancer

Despite the controversy involved with the PSA Blood Test, it is still a good way to screen for prostate cancer. Read more of this post