Esophageal Cancer No Longer Considered Rare

By Sara Lee Kessler

 Esophageal cancer now kills 14,000 Americans a year.  Baseball legend Harmon Killibrew died in May after a six-month battle with the disease.  The classic symptoms are heartburn, or acid indigestion. If detected early, at the pre-cancerous state, known as Barrett’s esophagus, the survival rate approaches 98-percent according to Dr. Jared Wasserman, who practices in Englewood, and is an expert on esophageal cancer.

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One Response to Esophageal Cancer No Longer Considered Rare

  1. Windy Lee says:

    Hello Dr.Johathan Aviv, my name is Windy Lee I’m an resident of Philadelphia Pa. I watch the Dr. Oz show offen ,but have never seen any of your appeareances. After battling with sereval problem with my ears ,nose, and throat for over about 25 years or more. I’m more determined to get help with my health . I also have an problem with my mental capability that restains me from receiving enough oxygen to my brain . Polyup are what was diagnose some year ago in my nose. I have already contacted your office to find out more information about appointments and medical coverage or payments. Soon as I get approperiate coverage I will make an appt. Thank You Very Much Windy Lee

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