Union Reaction to Pension Reform Bill

By Desiree Taylor

Morale has been low since unions suffered a crushing defeat in their attempt to stop pension and benefits changes.  The new law requires all public workers to pay more for pension and health benefits.  Bill Lavin, NJ State Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association, thinks that the Democratic leadership abandoned their key base – unions – and instead sided with political bosses.

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2 Responses to Union Reaction to Pension Reform Bill

  1. Edward Micallef says:

    The past governors and lawmakers screwed our pension sytem up and this governor straddles us with a tremendous tax of upping our pension percentage and medical converage.
    But hey Governor Chrisite, you aren’t raising taxes are you? I’ll be loosing out $6,000.00 this coming year in pay and working even more hours to keep my job, but that’s not my union’s fault, it’s you and your political croonies villianizing the public worker.
    You love teachers, as you said, but next you will be pulling our tenure away and forcing us to jump through unrealisitic hoops to keep our jobs. If that’s love, I don’t want to know what hate is in your mind.
    God help the common man and woman. The 19th century life is upon us again.

    • PATTI says:

      I am also a state worker. I took such pride in my job and I make a decent salary. I am willing to share the burden, but this reform means, do I pay my mortgage or pay the health care and pension. That is what it comes down to and WE HAVE NO CHOICE.

      Not to mention that in the private sector that he compares us to, THEY STILL GET RAISES, THEIR COST OF LIVING RAISE HAS NOT BEEN CUT NOR HAS THEIR ABILITY TO MAKE MORE IN THEIR PAY BY PROMOTIONS OR JUST A YEARLY RAISE. I am topped out at my salary and cannot make more money. EVER, and he has blocked promotions, lateral moves have been frozen, and there is no way out.

      I believe that you will see more people losing their homes, not be able to send their kids to college, struggle with the bare necessities of life. To find another part time job AFTER WORK will become impossible.

      When the middle class goes down we all go down.

      If I can make it to retirement without losing everything I worked for, I am moving so far away from the state I dearly love. God knows whats next with his irrational mind. I am counting down the days till he is out of office and I am hoping everyone else will NOT VOTE HIM BACK IN.

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