Governor Signs Pension Reform Bill

By Michael Aron

New Jersey is once again a model for the nation, Governor Christie said as he signed perhaps the most far-reaching bill of his term to date.  Read more of this post


Perth Amboy Agrees to Pay Chevron

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

The city of Perth Amboy has agreed to pay more than seven million dollars in back taxes to the Chevron Oil Corporation and will now seek to borrow the money to make good on that promise.  Read more of this post

Assembly Budget Hearing on Property Taxes & DCA Spending Plan

By Briana Vannozzi

Mayors, an AARP representative and the administrator for Salem County told lawmakers residents in their towns are at a breaking point.  Read more of this post

Ocean County Town Seeks Voter Approval to Exceed 2% Tax Cap

By Desiree Taylor

Voters in Brick Township are being asked to approve exceeding the two-percent tax cap by about twelve-percent.  Read more of this post

Community Affairs Commissioner Pushes for Tool Kit Measures

By Jerry Henry

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Paul Sarlo wasted no time in addressing what has been a recurring theme at Governor Christie’s town hall meetings – the tool kit.    Read more of this post

Loch Arbour Proposes Merging with Allenhurst

By Desiree Taylor

Several years ago property taxes skyrocketed in Loch Arbour when the legislature decided that residents had to pay school taxes based on the value of their home instead of a flat rate per pupil.  Read more of this post

Point Pleasant Mayor Claims Shore Communities Denied Tourist Revenue

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

The mayor of Point Pleasant Beach has a unique problem and is advocating a controversial solution.  Read more of this post