Union Reaction to Pension Reform Bill

By Desiree Taylor

Morale has been low since unions suffered a crushing defeat in their attempt to stop pension and benefits changes.  Read more of this post

Statehouse Labor Rally to Protest Restricting Collective Bargaining

By Jerry Henry

They came from across the state to protest the deal reached by Governor Christie and Democratic leaders.  Read more of this post

Mayor Redd to Swear-in Rehired Camden Police and Fire Personnel

By Jerry Henry

After being off the job for two months, 31 firefighters and 55 police officers are back on the job and will hit the streets of Camden immediately.  Read more of this post

Reporters Roundtable – Friday, March 4, 2011

Host: Zachary Fink

Police and firefighters’ rally in Trenton, NJ Governor Chris Christie’s presidential comments, and a legislative override attempt of Governor Christie’s veto of an economic package. Read more of this post

Police and Firefighters Rally in Trenton

By Jerry Henry

An estimated seven to ten thousand police and fire departments, from across the state, some of them laid off as a result of local budget cuts came to the state house today to protest. Read more of this post

One-third of Paterson’s Police Force to be Laid Off

By Jerry Henry

Paterson City officials say the layoff notices will go out as early as Monday and will take affect April 1stRead more of this post

Higher Taxes May Be in Camden’s Future

By Jerry Henry

Camden property owners may see a tax increase on average of  ten dollars a month.  The state’s local finance board approved the tax hike noting most Read more of this post