Assembly Budget Committee Holds Hearing On Democrats’ Budget Proposal

By Briana Vannozzi

The Assembly Budget Committee got off to a late start as last minute modifications to several consent bills were still being ironed out.  Read more of this post

Legislators Comment on Pension & Health Benefits Bill

Five Republicans and four Democrats voted for the controversial pension and health benefits bill while four other Democrats voted against it.  Read more of this post

Norcross Reacts to NJEA Ad

By Desiree Taylor

South Jersey power broker George Norcross said that the NJEA advertisement alleging he might benefit from proposed health care changes was inaccurate.  Read more of this post

Inside Politics Q and A with Roger Bodman and Julie Roginsky

By Jim Hooker

Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky and Republican political analyst Roger Bodman discuss political issues and events affecting New Jersey.  Read more of this post

25th District Senate Race Pits Bucco against Chegwidden

By Desiree Taylor

The senate race in the 25th district pits incumbent Tony Bucco against Morris County freeholder director Bill Chegwidden.  Read more of this post

Ballot Battle in the 20th District

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

 In this corner, 39-year career educator and assistant superintendent of Elizabeth schools, Jerome Dunn, and in that corner 34-year veteran legislator and Democratic leader, Ray Lesniak, are about to battle it out for their place on the New Jersey 20th legislative district ballot.  Read more of this post

Governor Agrees to Reimburse the State for Helicopter Use

By Michael Aron

In less than 48 hours the Governor’s use of a state helicopter, to attend his son’s baseball game and then to a political dinner with admirers from Iowa, has become a national story. Read more of this post