Winter Storm Aftermath

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

As promised, the snow fell hard on New Jersey overnight.  Read more of this post

Climatologists Say NJ 2010 Weather Marked by Extremes

By Ed Rodgers

2010 is being called the year of weather extremes.  Read more of this post

Tropical Storm Floyd Hits New Jersey

NJN News Archive: September 17, 1999

Tropical storm Floyd, downgraded from a hurricane, stalled over the central part of the state causing record-breaking flood damage.  Read more of this post

Teaching Kids about Fire Safety

By Sara Lee Kessler
Dr. Frank Field, a retired WCBS weather and science reporter, wants kids to know what it really looks like in a fire Read more of this post

Drought Watch Still in Effect

At a hearing to determine the drought status the Department of Environmental Protection decided to delay moving sections of the state from the current drought watch Read more of this post