Senate Judiciary Committee Clears Governor’s State Supreme Court Nominee

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

 The Senate Judiciary Committee cleared Anne Patterson’s nomination to the state Supreme Court by a vote of eleven to one.  Read more of this post


State Supreme Court Education Funding Decision Q and A

By Jim Hooker

John Mooney, founding editor and education writer for, offers insight into the state Supreme Court’s ruling on funding for poor school districts.  Read more of this post

Education Funding Tug-of-War

By Jerry Henry

State Senator Mike Doherty says the State Supreme Court is “hijacking” decisions on education funding and he is proposing a plan that would give equal state aid per student regardless of need.  Read more of this post

Lewis Appeal to Delay Ballots Rejected

By Dari Mandell

The state Supreme Court issued a one-page order today rejecting Carl Lewis’s request to delay the printing of ballots for the June 7th primary.  Read more of this post

Governor Christie Holds Town Hall in Hamilton

By Michael Aron

Governor Christie leveled heavy criticism at the state Supreme Court during his town hall meeting today; referring to the justices as five unelected lawyers in black robes. Read more of this post

School Funding Implications

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

Are public schools, the state supreme court and the state budget on a collision course?  Read more of this post