Reporters Roundtable – Friday, May 27, 2011

Host: Jim Hooker

NJ Supreme Court School Funding decision, Governor pulls out of greenhouse gas reduction pact, and Senate passes women’s health center funding bill. Read more of this post


Inside Politics Q & A with Brigid Harrison

By Jim Hooker

Guest Brigid Harrison, Montclair State University political scientist, provides an overview of this week’s political news.  Read more of this post

Left Out in the Cold By School Funding Decision

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

Almost immediately after the New Jersey Supreme Court issued its ruling, ordering more funding for high-poverty schools, speculation flared about tensions between the so-called Abbott and suburban districts.  Read more of this post

State Supreme Court Education Funding Decision Q and A

By Jim Hooker

John Mooney, founding editor and education writer for, offers insight into the state Supreme Court’s ruling on funding for poor school districts.  Read more of this post

New Jersey Supreme Court Releases School Funding Ruling

By Michael Aron

The NJ Supreme Court found in favor of the plaintiffs, the Education Law Center, that this year’s cuts to education violate prior Supreme Court rulings in the long-running Abbott v. Burke case.  Read more of this post

On The Record – Sunday, May 15, 2011

Host: Michael Aron

Two Republican lawmakers discuss New Jersey school funding; and the headmaster of Saint Benedicts Prep in Newark talks about that city’s schools. Read more of this post

Education Funding Tug-of-War

By Jerry Henry

State Senator Mike Doherty says the State Supreme Court is “hijacking” decisions on education funding and he is proposing a plan that would give equal state aid per student regardless of need.  Read more of this post