College Students Protest Lack of Higher Education Funding & Tuition Increases

 By Desiree Taylor

 Protesting students at Rutgers University delivered a very clear message – years of state aid cuts to higher education are taking their toll.  Read more of this post


Reporters Roundtable – Friday, March 4, 2011

Host: Zachary Fink

Police and firefighters’ rally in Trenton, NJ Governor Chris Christie’s presidential comments, and a legislative override attempt of Governor Christie’s veto of an economic package. Read more of this post

Inside Politics Q and A

By Jim Hooker

Guests Steve Lonegan, NJ State Director of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation and Bill Lavin, President of the New Jersey Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association, square off over budget cuts, layoffs, pensions Read more of this post

Police and Firefighters Rally in Trenton

By Jerry Henry

An estimated seven to ten thousand police and fire departments, from across the state, some of them laid off as a result of local budget cuts came to the state house today to protest. Read more of this post

President Obama Defends Public Workers

By Jim Hooker

 President Obama, in a televised speech to a gathering of the National Governors Association at the White House, said public workers shouldn’t be Read more of this post

Inside Politics Q & A

By Jim Hooker

New Jersey AFL-CIO President Charlie Wowkanech and Tea Party activist and former Congressional candidate Anna Little present their opposing views Read more of this post

NJ Unions Rally in Support of Wisconsin Public Employees

By Zachary Fink

 Fifty-seven different unions were represented at a rally in Trenton to show solidarity with public employees in Wisconsin.  Read more of this post