Former Congressman John Adler Remembered

By Jim Hooker

John Adler was remembered at the state house today with poignant remarks from a longtime South Jersey colleague in the legislature, Assembly Budget Chairman Lou Greenwald Read more of this post


John Adler, Former NJ Congressman and Senator, Dies at 51

By Jim Hooker

Former Congressman and longtime state Senator John Adler has died two weeks after entering a Philadelphia hospital for emergency heart surgery.  Read more of this post

Congressman Jon Runyan’s Swearing-in Ceremony

By Briana Vannozzi

 It’s official.  Congressman Jon Runyan was sworn-in today in Washington.  Read more of this post

Governor Holds 11th Town Hall Meeting

By Joe Bisicchia
Governor Chris Christie once again took his reform agenda to the public, at the Silver Ridge Park East Association in Ocean County, during his 11th town hall meeting.  Read more of this post

Runyan Runs Away with It

By Zachary Fink
Last night was a big win for Jon Runyan in New Jersey’s third congressional district. Read more of this post

Adler v Runyan 3rd District

By Joe Bisicchia and Zachary Fink
Democratic incumbent Congressman John Adler hopes to retain the congressional seat he won two years ago in this historically Republican district.  Republican challenger Jon Runyan believes voter dissatisfaction will help turn the tide in his favor. Read more of this post

Adler v Runyan: Down to the Wire

By Joe Bisicchia 
The third Congressional District, incumbent Democrat John Adler is being challenged by Republican Jon Runyan in a race that appears to be heading down to the wire, tight to the finish. Read more of this post