Reporters Roundtable – Friday, May 27, 2011

Host: Jim Hooker

NJ Supreme Court School Funding decision, Governor pulls out of greenhouse gas reduction pact, and Senate passes women’s health center funding bill. Read more of this post


Texting Teens

By Sara Lee Kessler

 Sleep experts at the New Jersey Neuroscience Institute at JFK Medical Center suspected that teens were texting while they should be sleeping.  Read more of this post

Breast Cancer Risk Increases with Age

By Sara Lee Kessler
The risk of breast cancer increases with age.  Read more of this post

Maintaining Dental Health Improves Seniors Quality of Life

By Sara Lee Kessler
According to Dr. Andrew Greenberger, a periodontist from West Orange, seniors are at risk for a wide range of health issues. Read more of this post

Teaching Kids about Fire Safety

By Sara Lee Kessler
Dr. Frank Field, a retired WCBS weather and science reporter, wants kids to know what it really looks like in a fire Read more of this post

Restrictive Medical Marijuana Application Process Revealed

By Joe Bisicchia
The Department of Health and Senior Services has released its rules outlining the registration and application process to participate in New Jersey’s medicinal marijuana program. Read more of this post

Jersey City Center Receives Mammography Equipment Grant

By Sara Lee Kessler
Senator Frank Lautenberg announced that Metropolitan Family Health Network, in Jersey City, will receive a hundred thousand dollar federal grant to purchase the latest in digital mammography equipment. Read more of this post