Great Clean-up at Great Falls

By Briana Vannozzi

The Sewerage Commission linked up with a group of high school students from the New Jersey Youth Corps to help pick up debris.  Read more of this post


Governor Christie Withdraws from 10-State Regional Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program

By Ed Rodgers

Governor Christie said he believes that climate change is taking place and that people play some role.  Read more of this post

Clean Ocean Action Spring Student Summit Held at Sandy Hook

By Desiree Taylor

Hundreds of students left their classrooms and headed to the shore for the annual seaside summit hosted by the non-profit environmental group Clean Ocean Action.  Read more of this post

Fighting Southern Pine Beetles in the Pinelands

By Ed Rodgers

The state Forest Service is moving quickly to stop the spread of southern pine beetles in the Pinelands. Read more of this post

Coal Fired Power Plant Source of Air Pollution

By Ed Rodgers

The Portland Generating Station in Pennsylvania has been called the primary source of an air pollution problem in northwest New Jersey by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Read more of this post

NJ Reef Program Loses Federal Support

By Ed Rodgers

The federal government has cut funding for the state’s program to build artificial reefs off the Jersey coast.  Read more of this post

Sierra Club Conducts Mercury Testing

By Ed Rodgers

A lock of hair may be the key to finding out if you have unhealthy levels of mercury in your body.  Read more of this post