Governor Christie’s Environmental Policies Criticized by Environmental Groups

By Ed Rodgers

Twenty-eight environmental groups rallied in Trenton today to criticize Christie administration policies. 

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Reporters Roundtable – Friday, June 10, 2011

Host: Michael Aron

Public employee pension and health benefit reform, New Jersey’s Energy Master Plan, this week’s primary elections, and the proposed take over of NJN operations by WNET. Read more of this post

Governor Reveals Energy Master Plan

By Ed Rodgers

The state has a new energy master plan.  Governor Christie unveiled the draft proposal today.  It sets the framework for how New Jersey will meet its future energy needs.  But critics say consumers are the losers. Read more of this post

Will State Funding for Energy Efficiency Programs Continue?

By Ed Rodgers

 The Christie administration is likely to release a revised energy master plan for the state in the next month.  Read more of this post