Norcross Reacts to NJEA Ad

By Desiree Taylor

South Jersey power broker George Norcross said that the NJEA advertisement alleging he might benefit from proposed health care changes was inaccurate.  Read more of this post


Newark Public Schools Reform Plan Faces Union Opposition

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

The new plan to reform Newark public schools is being vigorously opposed by the city’s teachers union.  Read more of this post

Governor Christie & Democratic Powerbroker Speak at Graduation Ceremony

By Jerry Henry

The commencement was for more than 100 graduates of the Camden Education Resource Network or CERN.  Read more of this post

Scholarships Target Youths with the “Wight” Stuff

By Briana Vannozzi

 For 25 years, Russell Wight has quietly used his personal fortune to change the lives of disadvantaged youth.  Read more of this post

Senator Ruiz Introduces Teacher Tenure Reform Bill

By Jerry Henry

Senator Teresa Ruiz (D) has introduced a teacher tenure reform bill that would increase the number of years new teachers must work before receiving tenure from three to four years.  Read more of this post

Left Out in the Cold By School Funding Decision

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

Almost immediately after the New Jersey Supreme Court issued its ruling, ordering more funding for high-poverty schools, speculation flared about tensions between the so-called Abbott and suburban districts.  Read more of this post

New Jersey Supreme Court Releases School Funding Ruling

By Michael Aron

The NJ Supreme Court found in favor of the plaintiffs, the Education Law Center, that this year’s cuts to education violate prior Supreme Court rulings in the long-running Abbott v. Burke case.  Read more of this post