Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant Under Scrutiny

By Ed Rodgers

Should the crisis at a Japanese nuclear power plant have any role in the relicensing of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant?  Read more of this post


License Renewal for Oyster Creek Power Plant under Scrutiny

By Ed Rodgers

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia is questioning the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s recent granting of the license renewal for the Oyster Creek Power Plant in Lacey Township.  Read more of this post

NJ Corporations Providing Aid to Japan

By Dari Mandell

The tragedy in Japan has many of New Jersey’s biggest corporations providing relief including monetary donations and supplies.  Read more of this post

New Jersey Nuclear Plants

By Ed Rodgers

The crisis over the damaged reactors in Japan has renewed the debate over the use of nuclear energy in New Jersey.  Read more of this post

Scientific Look at Japan Earthquake

By Jim Hooker

Congressman Rush Holt, who is a physicist and expert in energy policy, responds to questions about the nuclear crisis in Japan and concerns over the four reactors operating in New Jersey.   Read more of this post

Japanese-Americans React to Earthquake in Japan

By Desiree Taylor

Many members of the Japanese-American community in Edgewater expressed their deep concern for the residents of Japan who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami.  Read more of this post

Haiti Earthquake One Year Later

By Desiree Taylor

Bodies are still being recovered one year after the earthquake in Haiti.  Less than five percent of the rubble has been cleared and one million Haitians Read more of this post