Inside Politics Q and A with Peter Wooley

By Jim Hooker

Guest Peter Wooley, Director of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind Poll, discusses political issues and events affecting New Jersey. Read more of this post


Assembly Passes Pension and Benefits Reform Bill

By Michael Aron

After a 2.5 hour debate, the vote to pass the pension and reform bill that pitted organized labor and some Democrats against Governor Christie was passed with 46 in favor and 32 against.  Read more of this post

Assembly Holds Hearing on Pension & Health Benefits Reform Bill

By Jerry Henry

The Assembly Budget Committee heard from an array of people for and against the pension and health benefits reform bill.  Read more of this post

Senate President Sweeney’s Health & Pension Bill Comes before Senate Budget Committee

By Michael Aron

A vocal crowd of union members packed room 4, at the statehouse annex, cheering and hissing individual senators as they entered.  Read more of this post

Statehouse Labor Rally to Protest Restricting Collective Bargaining

By Jerry Henry

They came from across the state to protest the deal reached by Governor Christie and Democratic leaders.  Read more of this post

NJEA Holds Press Conference on Pension & Benefits Proposals

By Michael Aron

NJEA President Barbara Keshishian blasted Senate President Steve Sweeney’s bill, set for its first hearing Thursday.  Read more of this post

Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver Q & A on Health Benefits

By Michael Aron

Assembly Speaker Oliver says she knows health benefits need to be reformed – that they are putting pressure on governments all over the country.  Read more of this post