East Coast Gaming Congress Held in Atlantic City Convention Center

By Jerry Henry

For the over 600 gaming industry leaders attending the East Coast Gaming Congress the big issue was the saturation of the market.  Read more of this post


CRDA Unveils Tourism District Plans

By Jerry Henry

 State officials are taking a gamble that the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority’s plans for the revitalization of Atlantic City will generate more economic activity and spur investment in a town that saw casino revenue decline by 27 percent last year.    Read more of this post

Revamping Casino Legislation

By Jerry Henry

Who would control a newly created tourism zone in Atlantic City became the main sticking point as the Assembly considered new legislation. Read more of this post

NJ Legislature Puts Sports Betting on Election Ballot

By Adrienne Supino

Lawmakers are considering changing the way people can gamble in New Jersey by placing a sports betting question on the November election ballot.  Read more of this post

Harrah’s Trump Plaza Casino Preview

NJN News Archive: May 18, 1984

 The games were real but the money wasn’t as gamblers placed their wagers with play money on preview day for Harrah’s Trump Plaza.  Read more of this post

Atlantic City Airport Recognized for Low Fares

By Joe Bisicchia
Through October over 1.2 million passengers used the Atlantic City International Airport, also known as ACY.  Read more of this post

Senate Democrats Offer Plan to Save Horseracing

By Joe Bisicchia
Democratic lawmakers offer a plan to boost both Atlantic City and the Racing Industry. Read more of this post