Protesters Call on Christie to Stop Bailing-Out Large Corporations

By Kate Megargee

Protesters rallied against the Christie administration’s decision to give Triple Five 200-million dollars in financing while cutting funding for vital services like public safety and education.  Read more of this post


Live Racing at Meadowlands & Monmouth Park to Continue

By Briana Vannozzi

A deal has been struck to lease the Meadowlands and Monmouth Park racetracks to private operators.  Read more of this post

Pain at the Pump

By Dari Mandell

New Jersey’s average gas price stands at $3.89 a gallon.  Read more of this post

North Jersey Community Bank Receives State & National Recognition

By Briana Vannozzi

The North Jersey Community Bank has been chosen as the top performing bank in the state and top five in the nation.  Read more of this post

Triple Five to Finish Construction of the Megamall Formerly Known as Xanadu

By Briana Vannozzi

Triple Five, better known as the developers of the Mall of America in Minnesota, will take the reigns to finish the megamall formerly known as Xanadu.  Read more of this post

Mall of America to Acquire Xanadu Complex

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

 There is a new deal in the works to complete the long-dormant Xanadu retail and entertainment complex at the Meadowlands.  Read more of this post

Panasonic Expected to Stay in NJ in Exchange for Tax Breaks

By Jim Hooker

Today was the formal announcement of Panasonic’s decision to stay put in New Jersey – moving from its current headquarters in a Secaucus Industrial Park to its new building, slated for a 2013 completion and move-in date in downtown Newark.  Read more of this post