Golf Course Trends in New Jersey

By Kate Megargee

To some, golf is just a good walk spoiled, but it’s important to local, county and state economies.   Read more of this post


Findings From Ferris Wheel Death Released

By Jerry Henry

The death of 11-year-old Abiah Jones in a 100-foot fall from a Wildwood ferris wheel resulted in a state investigation that concluded she was not properly seated in the ride.   Read more of this post

Flag Day Ceremony Pays Special Honor to WWII Prisoners of War

By Briana Vannozzi

Janice Swack, the widow of a World War II ex-prisoner of war, is carrying on her husband’s nearly decade old tradition of honoring remaining POWs.  Read more of this post

Montclair Township Launches Digital Parking Meter System

By Briana Vannozzi

 Montclair Township has officially launched the first digital parking meter system in the state that uses a cell phone to make payments.  Read more of this post

DYFS under Investigation over Child’s Death

By Desiree Taylor

Nine days before Christiana Glenn was found dead in her Irvington home, the Division of Youth and Family Services or DYFS hotline received an anonymous call about two un-named children.  Read more of this post

Massive Fire at Abandoned Tire Factory in Camden

By Jerry Henry

Dozens of people were displaced in Camden following a massive fire at an abandoned tire factory.  Read more of this post

Excessive Heat Causes Schools to Close Early

By Desiree Taylor

The second consecutive day of excessive heat has caused some schools to dismiss early while some hospital emergency rooms are busy treating people with heat-related illnesses.    Read more of this post