Medical Marijuana Law Stalled

By Jerry Henry

Governor Christie says he has asked for assurances that state employees would be protected from federal prosecution in the new medicinal marijuana program before he will implement it.  Advocates for the program say the administration should already know the answer to that question, because other states have been told by U.S. Attorney General Holder, they won’t get blanket immunity from prosecution.

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One Response to Medical Marijuana Law Stalled

  1. Vinnie Frantantoni says:

    Governor Christie should veto the bill, PERIOD!!! My granddad was left paralyzed & speechless for 24 years, an uncle was afflicted with MS. an aunt had two legs amputated as a result of diabetis, and none of them needed to get high! Family care & love got them through their ordeals. If you watch news reports of states that allow “medical” marijuana, you will see lines of strong (mostly young) people waiting in line to see a friendly “doctor” who will write a prescription without even examining the person. Do we really want or need thousands of potheads driving on our roads or roaming our neighborhoods? We already know the damage that one legal drug (alcohol) can inflict on society! Veto it, Gov.! And tell Assemblyman Gusciora to stay sober and pass some legislation that will reduce some of the onerous taxes & fees that we pay!

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