Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Reaction

By Ed Rodgers

Democratic lawmakers grilled members of the Christie administration over the Governor’s decision to withdraw from a ten-state agreement aimed at reducing greenhouse gases.  They are sponsoring a bill that would keep New Jersey in the regional greenhouse gas initiative.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


2 Responses to Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Reaction

  1. Hellene says:

    there is nothing clean about destroying the region’s water supply by fracking, or dealing with the results of the methane released into the environment. Besides the greenhouse gas effect, just how do you put out the resulting wildfires when the wellwater bursts into flame at the faucet.

  2. Jeff Mattingly says:

    There is no proof of any kind to date that fracking hurts the environment. But there is proof on your utility bills that surcharges imposed by this law hurts consumers and that it is just another back door tax for politicians to raid to cover spending that we, the taxpayers can not afford.

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