Pension & Health Benefits Reform Fallout

By Jerry Henry

Senate President Sweeney says he is going ahead with a public worker health benefits overhaul with or without his Democratic counterpart in the Assembly.  Sweeney says he plans to move forward with a Senate bill to legislate benefits and increase worker contributions despite the fact that Assembly Democrats are expressing deep concerns, along with labor leaders.

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2 Responses to Pension & Health Benefits Reform Fallout

  1. Jeff Mattingly says:

    Mr. Weiner,
    I live in Belleville and my taxes pay your benefits. Mayor Kimble is not your employer the taxpayers of Belleville are. I have had to forefit my healthcare benefits for my wife and children over the last 4 years as my taxes increased to pay for your contractural increases and gold plated healthcare that rises annually at an average rate of 15%. This is what collective bargaining for benefits has gotten me. You and I both know that the public will not pay 200K in salary for an average public employee so you extract, through so called “bargaining”, the equivelent. We are working people not some big faceless corporation who avoids paying their taxes through loop holes, we get the bill and we are tired of carring the load that friends and relatives negotiate. Mayor Kimble was a former ploice chief and had the dubious distinction of being the highest paid police chief in the state of NJ at that time for some years. A force of approx. 100 men in a suburban town. Now he heads bargaining??? Your bargain, my bill !

  2. Donna says:

    Thank you Jeff Mattingly for writing to Mr Weiner and expressing how you feel.

    I had to rent one of my bedrooms in order to pay my taxes so I could stay in my home that I lived in for 26 years. Born and raised in Belleville, but have a feeling I will be dying someplace that is more affordable. How sad is that!

    Enjoy your benefits Mr. Weiner!

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