Assembly Budget Committee Convenes Hearing on Future of NJN

By Michael Aron

Legislators of both parties expressed concern at the hearing about the future of news and public affairs at Public Media, NJ, the new entity WNET is creating to take over NJN. WNET President Neal Shapiro assured them his whole career has been in news. Shapiro offered a schedule including 20 hours ofNew Jersey programming per week and said state government will still get good coverage.

NEWS STORY: WNET to Takeover the Operation of NJN
FULL PRESS CONFERENCE: Governor Christie Releases Plans on the Future of NJN
FULL PRESS CONFERENCE: Legislators Hold Press Conference on NJN Takeover

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4 Responses to Assembly Budget Committee Convenes Hearing on Future of NJN

  1. Cynthia Jerman says:

    Does anyone know that WNET originated in Newark, NJ and that WNET is licensed to Newark? I remember WNET being located in downtown Newark. This was not mentioned at the hearings today. Why did they migrated to New York? I don’t like the it that Gov. Christine is practically giving away NJN to New York. It is bad enough that New Jersey is living in the shadows of NY.

    We have two major league football teams that has been playing in NJ for over 25 years, but they still call themselves the NY Giants and NY Jets. It is insulting that NY is on the gridiron. Former Gov. Florio made the people at the Meadowlands remove NY off the gridiron. When the Nets move to NY, you can best believe they will not be calling themselves the NJ Nets! The NY news stations, who claims they report news
    from and to the tri-state, is laughable. NJ only gets reported if bad things happens and forget about Connecticut!
    There were several times that NY TV news reporters would refer a NJ’s suburban town, such as Montclair, as a suburb of New York. NJ is more of annex of NY instead of the third state to be ratified. This is why it is important that we keep NJN. We get no respect.

    I hope that the handing over NJN to NY does not go through. We New Jerseyans need to keep something
    that we call our own.

  2. Linda Ippolito says:

    Keep NJN as is, save those jobs who have served the State well.

  3. Lawrence says:

    Why does this have to be an either / or decision? Did the testimony state that between two to six “channels” exist at each of the TV transmitter sites? (eg. 58-1, 58-2, 58-3 etc) If so, would it benefit New Jersey to allow our state and / or private universities to connect their broadcasts to these additional channels. Did WNET make any commitment to continue the audio programming currently on the -3 channel? Is this really about economics? Is this really about New Jersey? If so, when would WNET be moving its transmitter to Montclair?

    Thank You.

  4. James says:

    This is heartbreaking, to loose NJN truly brakes my heart- as a viewer of NJN and NJN News. The taxpayers of
    New Jersey have no say in Governor Chrisiies desision to desolve New Jerseys beloved NJN; and all to save
    a lousey 19 milloin a year, (or 11 million accordening to Assemblyman Gary Chiusano of Frankford) you got to be kidding me! New Jersey NEEDS NJN News AND its current staff, Govenor Christie what are you trying to do to us, youve been on a mission to remove something that New Jerseyans hold very dear to ther hearts and that is NJN News and NJN. There is not a news cast that goes by that I am not impressed by the NJN staff, there professionalism, poise, cander, unbiased coverage of what takes place in our Historical and Great State of New Jersey. Watching the news and edcitional programs on other channels is a step down and a step backwards, no question about it. Keep our NJN station and its staff, its our hard earned tax money and contrubutions that support it. If this happens, Deleware and New Jersey will be the only two states in the USA that dose not have in-state local news coverage. Its sad, and a shame.


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