Legislators Hold Press Conference on NJN Takeover

NJN1: Monday, June 6 at 12:30 pm

State legislators and a growing coalition of organizations are concerned about Governor Christie’s proposal to turnover the operation of NJN to WNET and Steve Adubato Jr.  Under the plan, the station’s name will be changed to NJTV.  WNET will manage the television operations with Steve Adubato, Jr. and his Caucus Education Corporation.

NEWS STORY: Assembly Budget Committee Convenes Hearing on Future of NJN
NEWS STORY: WNET to Takeover the Operation of NJN
FULL PRESS CONFERENCE: Governor Christie Releases Plans on the Future of NJN

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3 Responses to Legislators Hold Press Conference on NJN Takeover

  1. Dave says:

    Fascinating that these three legislators are asking, “Why restructure at all?” Yet last December – less than 6 months ago – all three of them voted in favor of PL 2010, c.104 – the NJN Restructuring Act.

    The administration – and I’m not a Christie fan, for what it’s worth – has done nothing here but follow the dictates of the Legislature, as expressed last December. Why is NJ keeping the TV licenses? Because the Legislature decided they have to, in last December’s legislation!

    This is political theater, nothing more. These folks all voted IN FAVOR of getting NJ out of television operations – not sometime in the distant past, but just last December.

  2. Frank P. says:

    Well isn’t this just great! Millions of dollars worth of taxpayer funded assets handed over to New York and the citizens of New Jersey get nothing in return. Why do we have a House and a Senate if one man makes all of the decisions?

    Bewildered by our loss

  3. Ellen says:

    Shouldn’t something of such magnitude have to be put to a referendum? Better the tyranny of the majority than a single Censor of our state’s voice.

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