Accusations Fly Over Governor’s Use of Helicopter

By Briana Vannozzi

Democrats are calling on the Governor to practice the fiscal discipline he preaches.  His five-inning visit via a 12.5 million dollar helicopter to watch his son’s baseball game in Montvale last night has brought on a firestorm of criticism. State police estimate the helicopter costs about 2,500 dollars an hour to run.  Assemblywoman Joan Quigley sponsored the law to purchase the choppers for homeland security purposes.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


3 Responses to Accusations Fly Over Governor’s Use of Helicopter

  1. TrannyAlert says:

    how else do you expect the governor to be lifted off the ground?

    • Elwood Letterlough says:

      The Governor is a self-center grandios hippocrete I have no love for this person nor do I have any wish to see any harm come to him or his family. But he is self-centered ego-driven greedy lier if he wanted to see his son or sons play “ball” he should have scheduled this with his secretary He wanted to show-off because thats who he is as a person. To all those who follow his example of human gutteny will suffer the fate that he will time has come for all those who made deals with the “Devil” payment is coming due!!

  2. Donna Connelly says:

    Isn’t amazing the big to do over the governor’s helicopter ride? We knew from the start that his family was important, I like that he made sure he was there for his son. He is on duty 24 hours a day the least we can do is get him around quickly so he can have time for his family as well state business. Kids are important. Even elected officials’ kids.

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