Urban Enterprise Zone Supporters Urge Continuation of the Program

By Briana Vannozzi

The Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee heard testimony from business owners and other supporters of the Urban Enterprise Zone today.  The 28-year-old program helps distressed communities by giving tax breaks and incentives.  A report commissioned by the governor called for the elimination of the UEZ claiming shutting it down would save the state about 100-million dollars a year.

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One Response to Urban Enterprise Zone Supporters Urge Continuation of the Program

  1. bob says:

    UEZ is a waste of taxpayer money. Qualified businesses only charge 3.5% instead of 7% and a good amount of that sales tax goes back to the city where the business is located and used for non necessary improvements to the township. Like Hightstown tearing up perfectly fine sidewalks and replacing them with pavers. Or Elizabeth where they dug up a perfectly fine street in front of the county courthouse and put pavers with some sort of design. Total waste of money and I wonder who selects the contractors for the work. Also these businesses pay zero sales tax for their purchases that they “use at the location.” Abuse is out of control and it’s about time the dumb program ended. It was totally political and after 28 years, there is no measurable improvement of any type in either the actual zones nor in the townships that they are located. Why should others subsidize these towns with sales tax monies that belong in the general fund, not in the hands of the townships.

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