Christie Meets with Climate Scientists

By Ed Rodgers

A couple of pre-eminent scientists are trying to win the Governor over on climate change.  The two Rutgers researchers had a meeting with Governor Christie; who has had his doubts about human-induced global warming.

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10 Responses to Christie Meets with Climate Scientists

  1. Vinnie Frantantoni says:

    Don’t listen to these WACKOS, Governor. Of course, climate changes, but it does so over millions & billions of years and the universe just yawns and adapts. Four hundred thousand years ago the planet was a few degrees warmer than today. Let’s see, now. What kind of cars were they driving then? Were they burning too much oil to heat their homes? Were these two guys who met with the Governor “pre-eminent” or “pre-logic” scientists?

    • DaveMcRae says:

      You may wish to read a textbook on atmospheric physics some time Vinnie.

      Either that or talk to someone who has, for instance a climate scientist. Exactly what the governor is doing.

      This is not strange – if you want to know something about cancer, you would get a textbook or dozen – or talk to an Oncologist who has read many textbooks. Similarly nuclear engineering, or whatever – read or consult someone who has read on the subject.

    • Eli Rabett says:

      Tony Broccoli, among other things, is the Chief Editor of the Journal of Climate, the flagship journal of the American Meteorological Society. You can read his cv. Ken Miller, the second professor, is <a href=""<Vice Chair of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Rutgers. You are??

  2. Lex says:

    petitionproject org for gullible fools who think warmists are the majority

  3. John Marshall says:

    I am surprised that a fellow geologist is an alarmist. It is geological evidence that convinces me that we have no measurable input into driving climate nor will we have.

  4. Robert Murphy says:

    Vinnie, 400,000 years ago Homo Sapiens didn’t exist. Our earlier ancestors had no agriculture or permanent settlements. Now we have a vested interest in keeping the climate as stable as we can, with any change as gradual as possible.

    ” Let’s see, now. What kind of cars were they driving then? Were they burning too much oil to heat their homes? ”

    Nobody has ever claimed that CO2 is the only thing that affects global temps. There are many forcings, both negative and positive, that have shaped our temperature history. Paleoclimatologists are well aware that CO2 was not the initiator of the warm interglacial periods over the last few million years; the most likely suspect is changes in the Earth’s orbit (The Milankovitch cycles). CO2 did however act as a feedback, rising after the initial temp increases and amplifying the warming signal. Now of course we are the ones increasing CO2 content; it is not a feedback but a forcing, raising temps as it’s atmospheric concentration increases. We are releasing CO2 that had been locked out of the carbon cycle for hundreds of millions of years.

    “Of course, climate changes, but it does so over millions & billions of years and the universe just yawns and adapts”

    And well over 99% of all species that have lived are now extinct. There’s a direct connection between those two facts. The “universe” would yawn if the earth blew up, too; in fact, its indifference to our fates is absolute.

    • Robert Murphy says:

      Mod, I obviously didn’t close my italics correctly after the “we” in the sentence “Now we are the ones increasing Co2 content…”. Oops. 😉

  5. maxxx says:

    The evidence that Phil Jones once tried to hide from us, the “cooking” of data on global temperatures is now so freely available on the internet and so convincing it is hard to take these “scientists” seriously.

    They are part of the unanimous consensus of all “scientists” receiving govt money for AGW work.TWO THIRDS of University graduates in the subject say it is a hoax! (Yearly American Meteorological Survey)

    The esteemed Scandinavian head of the European commission on Sea level with no less than 3 satellites says this is bullshit. This same elderly gentelman who got kicked out of the Maldives when he showed them home movies showing no change in sea level since he was vacationing there as a kid.

  6. Fatso says:

    Christie is a dunce. Just another RINO in disguise. He drank the Kool-Aid. Man made global warming and man made climate change remain unproven hypotheses. Bottom line. The computer models are unverified. The field data is not supporting the conclusions reached by the climate modelers. Don’t be fooled.
    The warming alarmists and their friends in the media are corrupt and dishonest. Do not believe the four corners of deceit in the universe of lies: media, politicians, science, academia.

  7. Chris says:

    The warming alarmists told thepublic that the main force of climate change and global temperatures was man made CO2. They had to state this in order to get the government to institute policies that would serve to control people’s and companies’ behavior. Man made CO2 was always presented as the main force by the warming alarmists. Don’t believe anyone who says differently. Liberals and dems and warming alarmists make it up and lie. They are corrupt.

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