Governor Hosts Town Hall Meeting in Evesham Township

By Jerry Henry

 Governor Christie marked the one-year anniversary of his introduction of a 20-bill property tax tool kit to rail against Democrat lawmakers. Christie pointed out that only five of the bills have passed by the “do nothing” legislature.

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One Response to Governor Hosts Town Hall Meeting in Evesham Township

  1. MrdnDiogense says:

    The Governor, State Assembly persons, State Senators, Judges, and and multiple other politically appointed state positions will be exempt from such legislation, as they are exempt from the vast majority of state law covering employment. They won’t be paying 30% of their health care. They won’t lose their COLA’s on their non-contributory NJ state government pensions. Nor will they experience most of the negative effects of any part of Governor Christie’s “Tool Kit” bills.

    So, I would suggest that if the Governor wants his “Tool Kit” passed that BEFORE that happen a bill be passed by the full State Legislature and signed into law by the Right Honorable Governor of NJ. That ALL law applicable to any citizen of NJ, including its state employees,both standing and future, be applicable to the Governor, the Legislature, and any and all political appointees.

    Fair for one is fair for ALL.

    And while we are at it, a bill to put back the billions shorted the pension systems that benefited every tax payer in the state by artificially reducing state expenditures.

    Make ALL the citizens of NJ equal, and replace what was taken. That balances the playing field and the ledger, then we can talk about “Tool Kits”.

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