Lt. Governor Guadagno Keynote Speaker at Governor’s Conference for Women

By Jerry Henry

The Governor’s Conference for Women featured sessions on more than a dozen women’s issues.  Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno spoke about her career as a prosecutor and Monmouth County sheriff.  However, Democratic lawmakers held a news conference to underscore what they say the Christie administration is not doing for women.  They point to what has been a year-long battle to get 7.5 million dollars in state aid restored for women’s health and family planning centers.

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One Response to Lt. Governor Guadagno Keynote Speaker at Governor’s Conference for Women

  1. Linda Bowker says:

    New Jersey’s Governor & Women
    Where Does He Stand?
    Is it a coincidence that the Governor selected a predominantly female workforce -NJ teachers – on which to wage war — teachers? Is it just happenstance that the Governor chose a violent metaphor to challenge Senator Loretta Weinberg? Is it just the luck of the draw that the Governor eliminated funding for Hispanic and Urban Women’s Centers? Was his elimination of funding for Women’s Health and Family Planning Services just a quirk or a disregard of women’s right to family planning?

    The following programs were eliminated in the Governor’s first budget:
    • Adult Education (often a second chance for single mothers)
    • Domestic Violence Prevention, Training and Assessment
    • Family Planning Services
    • Hispanic Women’s Resource Centers
    • Job Training Center for Urban Women Act
    • Maternal & Child Health Services
    • Postpartum Screening
    • School Breakfast Program (state still receives federal money)
    Verification of facts on this page can be found at:

    The following programs suffered reduced state funding:
    • Early Childhood Intervention
    • Homeless Prevention Initiative
    • Legal Services of New Jersey
    • New Jersey After 3
    • Office on the Prevention of Violence Against Women
    • Postpartum Education Screening
    • Work First New Jersey – “Child Care Funding”
    • Reduced or eliminated funding for Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity offices in most state departments.
    • Lowered the Earned Income Tax Credit to the working poor, who are primarily women.

    The Governor vetoed the following:
    • A-10/S-10 – Increases gross income tax rate on income exceeding $1,000,000 for taxable year 2010.
    • A-1678/S-692 – Establishes a New Jersey Homebuyer Tax Credit Program under the New Jersey gross income tax for home purchases during a qualified period.
    • A-3273/S-2393 – Amends annual appropriations act to require filing of application for expansion of Medicaid coverage for family planning services.
    • A-3584/S2496 – Creates “Back to Work NJ Program”: makes an appropriation.
    • S-2139/A-3019 – Makes supplemental appropriation of $7,453,000 for Women’s Health and Family Planning Services.
    ( The Governor, the first and only anti-abortion rights Governor since the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, spoke at an anti-abortion rights rally in Trenton protesting the United States Supreme Court decision.)
    The Governor does indeed have an anti-woman agenda!
    Wonder why the Governor has a 17 point gender gap? Eagleton Poll
    Prepared by National Organization for Women of New Jersey

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