NJ Lottery Turns 40

Since the first millionaire drawing in March 1971, revenue from NJ Lottery ticket sales has contributed more than 19 billion dollars to help fund educational programs and state-sponsored institutions.

As the NJ Lottery celebrated their 40th anniversary today many recipients of that funding came out to say “thank you.”  The celebration also paid tribute to the 6100 businesses who serve as lottery retailers.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


2 Responses to NJ Lottery Turns 40

  1. joan meyer says:

    web-site stinks! cant find anything. want pick 3,4,5,6,power-ball, mega all on one page.where is search for a number?how do you find old numbers for power-ball? and other games? so much info and tells nothing.well,i’ll be saving myself at least a hundred dollars a week as i was finding too many numbers that looked so good and losing so much money.i have a feeling i’m cured of having so much fun playing the lottery.i would say more than hafe the fun was using the computer to find numbers.looking forward to the drawings on tv was also fun.INNOVATION—-GOOD FOR YOU_______GREAT FOR ME. I PROBALY WAS THROWING AWAY TOO MUCH MONEY.i never was convinced the money was going toward schools and other organizations(a token perhaps–just to make it legal to say so) otherwise, my property taxes would’t be so high.
    joan meyer

    • angelmods says:

      I agree 100%, they’ve totally made the website for the lottery. It looks nice but it’s totally a bad format. I hate it, it’s the worse changed they could of ever made. I wish they never changed the website, it doesn’t work on iphones, a multibillion dollar organization and they can’t make it iphone compitable. What a waste of money to make such a non user friendly website.

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