NJ Parents Given School Choice Options in 56 School Districts

By Michael Aron

 School choice is a cornerstone of Governor Christie’s approach to education reform.  Vouchers for students to attend private and parochial schools is one way.  Another is to allow students to attend a public school in a district other than the one in which the student lives.  The Department of Education has announced it will triple the number of school districts in the School Choice program from 15 to 71 schools.

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One Response to NJ Parents Given School Choice Options in 56 School Districts

  1. Laraysha Woods says:

    I was so relieved and in great anticipation once I received news of the school choice program being approved for the 2011-12 school year, unfortunately though, I’ve been met with yet another disappointing roadblock in this transition to change. Deadlines for applications were rather immediate and not at all publicized enough for many interested households to take advantage. This current schoolyear is not even complete, yet I’ve been told the process to apply for the 2011-12 schoolyear is now closed! I am a resident of Salem County, and one of the few school districts accepted into the program informed me today that they only were allowed 32 available seatings by the state, all of which have already been filled. Flabbergasted, I inquired how long interested households were given to apply. I was informed that the closings had taken place shortly after newspaper ads (small and discreet I might add) were posted. This seems highly unfair as applications for summer schools and camps are still in circulation & receiving applicants. I urge that the state make provisions to this applications process, I can hardly believe that 4 participating schools in my district with limited seatings of 30 or less is providing the change or opportunity to impact the educational success of our children forced to remain in failing, non-productive school systems they may currently be enrolled in. Might I add I was offered to seek the tuition programs of non-participating choice school districts, but that negates the entire premise of implementing school choice to begin with! Something must be done to correct this disservice to the many students who have been shut out of this opportunity.

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