Cumberland County Library May Close Due to Budget Constraints

By Jerry Henry

Cumberland County officials are trying to come up with an alternative to closing one of the libraries in Bridgeton.  But they are concerned about the 900,000 dollars it costs to run the branch.  It is a sign of the times according to the NJ Library Association.  At least 11 branches around the state have closed over the past year despite the public using libraries more often due to unemployment and job searching.

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One Response to Cumberland County Library May Close Due to Budget Constraints

  1. There is hope that Libraries in New Jersey remain open. It is the most important area of need for the community. Libraires are the learning center of the world and is a place for anyone to access infomation.

    Thanks to NJN to place a focus on this serious problem.

    When Libraries closes, so do the young minds of our children and adults alike.
    Libraries are the place to discover, research, explore and advance your knowledge in many, many
    subjects. The library is a place to seek refuge from the negative elements of the world.
    The library is a place to socialize and meet like-minded people who love to read.

    The library is also a museum. They always bring art to the community when it might not be possible or even affordable for people to visit a museum.
    I will place a link on my blogs about this article to bring focus to this issue.

    I grew up in Bridgeton, NJ and have a personal interest in keeping the Libraries in Bridgeton and New Jersey- as well as the country to stay open, forever.

    Support your local Library. If you can donate, please do. You can check with your library on how to do this.
    Thelma Harcum RN, Musician, Artist, Crafter, Blogger

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