School Funding Implications

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

Are public schools, the state supreme court and the state budget on a collision course?  Read more of this post


Governor Christie & Senate President Sweeney United on Shared Services

By Michael Aron

Governor Christie and Senate President Sweeney emerged from a meeting with 35 of Camden County’s 37 mayors, having spread the word that they both support the idea of regionalizing police in Camden.  Read more of this post

Fraud Alert for Senior Citizens

By Desiree Taylor

Attorney General Paula Dow is trying to alert seniors to the so called “Grandparent Scam.”  Read more of this post

Cumberland County Library May Close Due to Budget Constraints

By Jerry Henry

Cumberland County officials are trying to come up with an alternative to closing one of the libraries in Bridgeton.  Read more of this post

Supporters of Opportunity Scholarship Act Hold Rally before Assembly Public Budget Hearing

By Dari Mandell

Before the public Assembly Budget Committee hearing began the group We Can Do Better New Jersey held a rally outside in support of the Opportunity Scholarship Act.  Read more of this post

Gas Pipeline Expansion begins in Wawayanda State Park

By Ed Rodgers

Several North Jersey hiking trails will be closed temporarily because of the construction involving an underground gas pipeline.  Read more of this post