Emergency Rooms Designed for Seniors

By Sara Lee Kessler

St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, in Paterson, is a level three trauma center that handles car crashes, stabbings and everything from heart attacks to strokes.  Their emergency department is the busiest in the state; 130,000 patient visits a year.  Of those, 38,000 involve seniors.  According to Dr. Michael Rosenberg that’s why St. Joe’s decided to open an emergency room that’s just for older patients.  It’s the first in New Jersey.

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One Response to Emergency Rooms Designed for Seniors

  1. PamelaofthePoconos says:

    This by Sara Lee Kessler is interesting, and I do not criticize the rationale for creation of an ER for Seniors. However to my mind, this trend, should it become one, could be at cross purposes with the trend reported earlier on this same newscast which reveals that a tenent of the Healthcare Reform is to decrease Seniors’ ER use for the less serious issues. This goal would be achieved by opening walk in facilities for less serious Senior concerns.

    If there is insufficient coordination of these two trends, which IMO is likely, these two movements will create another boondoggle for we the taxpayers.

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