Judge Determines Governor’s School Aid Cuts Did Not Meet Adequacy Requirement

By Michael Aron

Bergen County Judge Peter Doyne held hearings last month to determine whether this year’s 830 million dollar cut in school aid is so steep that it violates the constitution.  Read more of this post


License Renewal for Oyster Creek Power Plant under Scrutiny

By Ed Rodgers

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia is questioning the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s recent granting of the license renewal for the Oyster Creek Power Plant in Lacey Township.  Read more of this post

Emergency Rooms Designed for Seniors

By Sara Lee Kessler

St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, in Paterson, is a level three trauma center that handles car crashes, stabbings and everything from heart attacks to strokes.  Read more of this post

Healthcare Reform One Year Anniversary

By Jerry Henry

Democratic lawmakers celebrated the one-year anniversary of national health care reform by attending a ribbon cutting ceremony of a new nurse practitioners office at Northgate 2 in Camden.  Read more of this post

Youth Helpline Receives Staggering Number of Bullying Calls

By Desiree Taylor

Lisa Von Pier, who is from the state Department of Children and Families, was one of several officials who took part in a press conference designed to raise awareness about the 2nd Floor Youth Helpline.  Read more of this post

Medical Marijuana Q and A

By Jim Hooker

The Department of Health and Senior Services announcement that it had selected the six operators of the new medical marijuana dispensaries may inevitably leave some residents in the towns where they’re planned with the jitters.  Read more of this post