Senate to Vote on Cable Deregulation Bill

By Zachary Fink

The bill known as the Market Competition and Consumer Choice Act would take the Board of Public Utilities out of the business of regulating basic phone and cable rates.  Read more of this post


Ocean County in Litigation over Operating a Homeless Shelter

By Jerry Henry

Attorney Jeffery Wild is representing homeless clients in a lawsuit filed against Ocean County with the intent of forcing officials to open emergency housing.  Read more of this post

Made in Newark Merchandise on Sale at NCAA Tournament

By Desiree Taylor

In a busy warehouse in Newark, workers are putting the finishing touches on a variety of merchandise which has been made especially for this weekend’s NCAA Tournament.  Read more of this post

Results of Joint Task Force on Reducing Carjacking and Other Crime

By Marie DeNoia Aronsohn

Authorities say a multi-agency law enforcement crack down in Newark has put the breaks on a carjacking spree that has terrorized those who live, work and visit Newark.  Read more of this post

Housing Funding for the Disabled Q & A

By Jim Hooker

Over 8,000 families across New Jersey have children, many of them now adults, who are waiting for placement in group homes or supervised apartments for the disabled.  Read more of this post