Governor Questions Hiring Practices of North Jersey Water Commission

By Michael Aron

Governor Christie continues to go after what he calls the “shadow government,” places like the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission where he ordered wholesale dismissals several months ago.  Now he is targeting three of the seven commissioners at the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission.  Vice-Chairman Louis Cuccinello has missed ten of the last 13 board meetings and has resigned.   Christie wants to bring all multi-jurisdictional authorities under the Governor’s veto power.  The NJDWSC supplies water to 107 towns in eight northern counties.

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One Response to Governor Questions Hiring Practices of North Jersey Water Commission

  1. Jeff Mattingly says:

    It is long past time that the Assembly and Senate stop stalling and do the work of the people. The authorities are traditional power bases for both parties that have devolved into political patronage houses that meddle in local elections and extort $ from the public through irresponsible governance. They are over loaded with manpower that they do not need, hiring realatives & friends who collect big saleries, pensions and benefits and award no bid contracts that kick back to political action funds. They operate this way with little or no oversight and without fear of consequence from Trenton. I wonder if the trail of conective tissue will lead back to those who are not willing to change these corrupt practices???

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