Senate Budget Committee Holds Public Hearing on Spending Plan

By Jerry Henry

The new President of the State League of Municipalities, Chuck Chiarello, painted a bleak picture for cities across the state during his testimony before the Senate Budget Committee’s public hearing on the state’s spending plan.  Chiarello, who is also the Mayor of Buena Vista Township, told lawmakers that those who are trying to run towns are facing an array of problems including having to layoff workers in order to close budget gaps. Representatives from the NJEA, who testified, said school districts are still reeling from cuts in the last two budgets.

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2 Responses to Senate Budget Committee Holds Public Hearing on Spending Plan

  1. Jeff Mattingly says:

    The only answer is to pass pension and benefit reforms.
    The only question is when will Sweeny and Oliver move on it?
    Every day they wait the hole gets wider and deeper for towns and schools.

  2. pitbullstew says:

    The Record
    display story on 1 page Page 1 2 >>
    Amid Governor Christie’s campaign to rein in salaries for public workers, his administration has issued regulations capping how much the state will pay toward executive salaries at social-service non-profits.

    But a review of the rules by The Record show they will have a very limited effect in North Jersey.

    The executive with the highest compensation package affected by the cap is Mary Ann Mirko, CEO of the North Jersey Community Coordinated Child Care Agency in Paterson, which provides technical and professional support for child-care programs and referral services for parents and runs its own early-childhood education center. Mirko’s 2008 salary was $170,720, and she also received $183,970 in deferred compensation and fringe benefits.

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