New Jersey Science Olympiad

By Sara Lee Kessler 

They came to the Middlesex Community College campus today from middle schools and high schools all over New Jersey to compete in two dozen science categories involving everything from balsa wood helicopters, to mouse trap vehicles, to homemade battery buggies.  The prize is a chance to compete in the National Science Olympiad to be held in Wisconsin in May.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


3 Responses to New Jersey Science Olympiad

  1. Martin Tarlow says:

    As a former Science teacher, Supervisor, and State NJSO Registration Chairman for the past eight years I can attest to the tremendous positive impact that the Science Olympiad has had on thousands of students from around the state of New Jersey.

    It is only with support from the media such as yours that the word can get out to additional parents, teachers and administrators that the NJSO exists, and is here to help make science teaching and learning an exciting and rewarding experience.

  2. KJCHU says:

    I love how they throughly cover Community, not even shrugging at it’s neighbourly runner-up, Grover Middle School.

  3. SUJA says:

    It is an exciting event…and it gives kids exposure to different fields in Science, which are not part of the school curriculum.

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