Labor Attorneys Warn of Dire Results from Changing Public Employee Benefits

By Zachary Fink

Labor attorney Steve Cohen, who chairs the labor section of the New Jersey Bar Association, and nearly 50 other labor attorneys signed and sent a letter to the members of the legislature urging them to preserve collective bargaining rights by not changing contributions to the health system through legislation.  Senate President Steve Sweeney has proposed a gradual change in the size of public employee health care contributions claiming the structure is completely out of whack with the state’s fiscal reality.  Governor Christie’s plan would have all public employees contribute 30% towards their benefits.

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One Response to Labor Attorneys Warn of Dire Results from Changing Public Employee Benefits

  1. Jeff Mattingly says:

    Little wonder that labor attorneys, who have been enriched by the present process, would warn of any change to the system. In my town of Belleville the teachers and administrators have used this “bargaining” process to allow them to pay nothing into their pensions and only token healthcare contributions, the taxpayers pay it all. This is what you get from so called collective bargaining town by town. They argue that they do not get SS. Do you pay into SS? They can retire at 55 and get free heathcare for the remainded of their natural lives. Will you get that without being at poverty levels after having had to work until you were 65, 68, 70 years of age? They say tough, you should have worked for the government! In Belleville we can vote on these increases and do vote them down. The budget ends up in arbitration and they get what they “bargained” for anyway. 5 of the 7 board members who voted for the last teachers contract worked for the public in one capacity or another. Is there a conflict??? NOOOO!

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