Gas Price Gouging Fallout

By Jerry Henry

Small businesses like Amoroso Flowers in downtown Trenton had to raise the price of flower deliver because of skyrocketing gas prices.  NJ Transit and PATCO are bracing for more ridership as a result of rising fuel cost.  Everyone is feeling the pinch at the gas pump.  All states are above three dollars a gallon for regular gasoline and experts say the spike is not due to supply and demand.

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2 Responses to Gas Price Gouging Fallout

  1. Robert Spina says:

    I think the Major gas stations in Vineland need to be check for price gouging

  2. hltcs says:

    I heard the price of oil has substantially gone down, but so far I haven’t seen it at the pumps here in Passaic County. It looks like there’s a lot of price fixing going on. The stations both name brand and generic are quick to raise prices, but it doesn’t look like they want to reduce them at all. I think, in addition to price fixing, there’s a lot of gouging going on which hurts consumers. All of these stations should be checked for both price gouging and for what’s in the gas they’re selling.

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