Search for Contaminant Source in Brick Township Drinking Water Supply Continues

By Ed Rodgers

Testing by the state Department of Environmental Protection continues to find traces of a chemical called a likely carcinogen in one Ocean County water supply.  Read more of this post


Governor Christie Holds Town Hall in Hopatcong

By Michael Aron

During Governor Christie’s Town Hall in Hopatcong he said he has nominated six new people to sit on the Highlands Council but the Democrat Senate is blocking their confirmations.  Read more of this post

St. Patrick v. St. Anthony in North Jersey Non-Public B Final

By Desiree Taylor

Two undefeated teams, St. Patrick of Elizabeth and St. Anthony of Jersey City, face off in the North Jersey non-public B final tonight.  Read more of this post

Labor Attorneys Warn of Dire Results from Changing Public Employee Benefits

By Zachary Fink

Labor attorney Steve Cohen, who chairs the labor section of the New Jersey Bar Association, and nearly 50 other labor attorneys signed and sent a letter to the members of the legislature urging them to preserve collective bargaining rights by not changing contributions to the health system through legislation.  Read more of this post

Gas Price Gouging Fallout

By Jerry Henry

Small businesses like Amoroso Flowers in downtown Trenton had to raise the price of flower deliver because of skyrocketing gas prices.  Read more of this post